Crete Wedding – Bridal Top

“Can you crochet a bridal top, something like this?”, she asked…. and held a photograph of a crocheted Greek wedding dress under my nose. “Yeah, sure, why not?” I answered.. and thus began the journey between “How in hell do I manage this?” and “Hey, wow, it actually works!”

Miles of yarn and nerves and trials and sweat and frogs and halelujahs and re-trials later, I watched her get out of the car on her wedding day, all smiles, wearing the crocheted top. Such a beautiful bride! And me all in tears – and mighty proud of what I had accomplished.

This is a project that I will never forget. Wishing the newly wed couple the best of happiness and luck.

Yarn: Lino Muka (100% lithuanian linen), light fingering.

Crochet Hook: 1,5 mm

Crocheted stripes 4-5 cm wide, length – I cannot say. Classic shell pattern in different variations, mostly vintage. Molded and sewn together. the Top opens at the back, 7 crocheted buttons, zipper.

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